EU shipping until 1st January

Black Mountain Bikes Brexit

The transition period for the UK leaving the EU comes to an end on 31st December, which means any goods arriving in to the EU after this date will be subject to new import custom duties and regulations.

However, as things stand, we're not sure on what these new terms will be. Our couriers are still uncertain on the impact of this and there may be extended delays over the Christmas period. 

Of all of our values, ensuring our customers have a great experience is at the top of the list. We'd hate for a delay in you receiving your bike. We'd also hate to not be able to assist you over the Christmas period if a delivery was held up in customs. And, we want to be able to tell you what customs or import fees you can expect. 

So, given that our team are going to be enjoying a well-earned rest over the Christmas period and with the increased uncertainty, we've removed our shipping options to the EU, just until we're clear on the terms of trade between the UK and EU.

But, please don't worry - the moment we have clarity on the trade situation, whatever that may, we'll restart deliveries to the EU, which we expect to be no later than 1st January.

Existing EU customers will still receive our highest levels of support throughout the period and, although the UK has left the EU, our bikes will be in Europe for the long term.

Finally, for any customers in the EU who really want to place an order over this period, please drop us an email and we'll see what we can arrange.


Thanks for your understanding!