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At Black Mountain sizing is simple – choose the bike that fits your child now. Because our bikes grow we always say that you should buy the model that fits your child today, not one that will fit them in 12 months time. Our EPOK growing technologies including UP:SCALE & IN:GEAR allow the bike’s size, geometry and gearing all have a second life when you configure it into its larger mode. The bike gets longer, more responsive and faster as your child grows in size, confidence and ability.

We want to make the sizing process as simple as possible. Some people like to choose their bike by wheel size, others by inside leg measurement (which can vary hugely and is difficult to measure accurately) or age, but we prefer to keep it simple and use height. Try out our simple bike selector below.


1) Confidence Level:

2) Inside Leg Measurement (cm)

  • 1 - Stand your child against a wall, keeping feet flat on floor.
  • 2 - Place a book between their legs (book spine pointing upwards).
  • 3 - Raise the book firmly but comfortably up to their crotch.
  • 4 - Mark the TOP top of the book where it meets the wall.
  • 5 - Measure from floor to the mark on the wall.
30 cm
70 cm
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