Pinto Size & Modes

Pinto Size & Modes

The PINTO rolls on 14” wheels and is the smallest bike in the Black Mountain EPOK range and is aimed at children aged between 3 and 5 years old (in the 96 to 106cm height range – see here for sizing help). The PINTO really is three bikes in one – replacing a separate balance bike, and two conventional 12” and 14” bikes.


PINTO starts life as a small lightweight balance bike, which is ideal for your child to learn on. This offers them the chance to gain confidence, getting used to the bike’s geometry, brakes and riding position before they transfer to the first pedal bike mode.


When ready, you simply install the included PowerPack – our neat upgrade that brings into play the cranks, pedals and our unique lightweight, oil free drive belt, transforming the balance bike into a small pedal bike. The small frame with a short wheelbase and ‘reach’, low saddle height and easy low geared pedalling allows the PINTO in this mode to be more like a conventional 12” bike, so smaller riders can get on the bike safely and easily, and earlier than with a normal bike.


Then as your child grows in size and confidence, you simply adjust the UP:SCALE frame and IN:GEAR system (see here for how this works) to transform the PINTO into a large pedal bike, which increases the frame size and gearing by about 20%, making the most of the easy rolling 14” wheel size, and lasting your child for longer.