Black Mountain in Europe


Black Mountain Bikes BrexitPre-Brexit, post-Brexit, mid-transition, post-transition, implementation period – whatever. I just wanted to say, that you can buy a Black Mountain bike in Europe with confidence.

We already export over 25% of our bikes to non-EU countries and so we have no concerns about continuing to supply our EU customers with bikes, parts and support - even after Britain leaves the European Union.

Our clever logistics people are well prepared for the ‘future arrangements’ and our shipping to the EU is free.

Our bikes are designed to last, and we also make sure that we carry spares for every single part - from wheels, to belts, nuts, bolts and washers to allow you to have complete confidence in the longevity of our bikes.

We will continue to support you and your bike wherever you are in the world.

Berlin or Beijing, Dublin or Doha, Milan or Melbourne and anywhere in between.

Britain may be leaving the EU, but our bikes are in Europe for the long-term.

Andy Lloyd

Black Mountain Bikes