EZ:Shift Gear Shifter wins Junior Design Awards


EZ:Shift Junior Design Award

Another Award? We must be doing something right...

The team at Black Mountain Bikes set out to solve a problem with all shifter solutions currently on the market for kids bikes.

The Problem: No matter which style of shifter, the ergonomics and ease of use for the rider is always a challenge, with grip strength or finger reach presenting problems for the small handed user. 

The Solution: We have created a new grip shifter which encorporates an expertly placed thumb wing, designed to give the rider more control and confidence, while needing less physical strength when shifting up and down the gears. We call it EZ:Shift

What did Junior Magazine say?

"Our JDA judges agreed that this was a game changing gear changer, enabling kids to shift gears with remarkable ease." - JUNIOR MAGAZINE

"No more wobbling about reaching for your gears and praying your fingers will reach the clunky levers! A fantastic invention from the people who know kids bikes inside out." - Bonita Turner, Editor of JUNIOR

"Adapting the gears to suit little hands and fingers is such a great idea and will make such a positive difference to kids learning to ride." - Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor, JUNIOR

How to get EZ:Shift?

The new EZ:Shift system now comes as standard on all new KAPĒL and HÜTTO models.