Hey Sister! Go Sister! Making ventilator hoses to fight Covid19

At this difficult time, we all want to stay safe and we all want to help.

We're all rightly super proud of our NHS, our care-workers and other front line staff. 

Behind this front line, there are the delivery drivers, supermarket workers, bus drivers and many more that keep things moving, even in lockdown. 

And then there are the farmers, the fixers, the bakers and the makers - and at Black Mountain, we are really proud to be part of the Currie & Warner Manufacturing Group.

We're open, working and making the things we all still need. From plumbing parts to cable joints and bicycles of course.

But we're also making parts for the very front-line. 

Our sister companies, Silflex Ltd and Samco, have just made over 10,000 ventilator hoses... by hand! 

Ventilator Hoses

In normal times, our sister companies make the world's highest performance engine hoses for the likes of Formula 1 and MotoGP teams.  

Now, with the global motor racing industry in lockdown, they're turning their productive and highly skilled hands to make the world's best ventilator hoses.

This time supplying Rolls Royce, who were tasked by the Cabinet Office to dramatically ramp-up production of the Smiths Medical paraPAC ventilator.

In response, our UK production sites have, overnight, gone from making a small number of ventilator hoses each year to producing over 10,000 units in under two weeks!

Samco Hose Builder


Further across the Currie & Warner Group we are also making thousands of oxygen regulator components for the NHS.

We're immensely proud of our 'big sisters', and of all our colleagues who are working so hard in such difficult times.

Stay safe everyone. 


Andy Lloyd


Black Mountain Bikes