We're super excited to announce our new range.
Introducing: MÜLLET

As with everything we do, we've taken a look at the latest technology and manufacturing methods available. In this instance, we've looked at world-level downhill race bikes and taken their methodology to the extreme.
MÜLLET enhances a strong parent-child connection, with your little one having to sit or stand on your shoulders to reach the bike. It also encourages them not to cycle too far away from you, as they'll require your safe hands to catch them as they dismount.
Founder Andy Lloyd said: "We're always looking for ways to get more kids in to cycling, and what better way than by creating something novel and interesting?!"

He added "We'll soon see what demand is like, but we expect it to be through the roof. Much like the riders' heads."
We're taking pre-orders for today, 1st April 2020 only!