Sustainability recognised in the Sunday Telegraph


We’ve been committed to reducing our plastic waste since the start and we’re super happy to be recognised by the Sunday Telegraph’s STKids Magazine as a top sustainable product! Not only do we reduce waste, but our growing lightweight bikes last a lot longer than the traditional options! Meaning more fun, more riding and less environmental impact.


Black Mountain lightweight kids bikes in the Sunday Telegraph

Responsible manufacturing and sustainability are fundamental principles for us. Our concept centres on the bike growing with the child, hence lasting longer and allowing the parent to justify buying a better-quality bike. That means the bike and all of its parts have a longer life, and will live within the first household for several years, passed down to siblings etc, then holding good second-hand value to enjoy a long second-hand life (and we allow our warranty to transfer to the second owner to help promote this long second life).

Black Mountain lightweight kids bikes in the Sunday Telegraph


This is the opposite to the ‘supermarket/high-street’ bike approach – which offers cheap, poor quality toy-like bikes, designed to operate for only a few months, with no residual value, and soon enough they become land-fill, garage clutter or canal fodder.  A large part of a bike’s environmental footprint is in the production of the aluminium alloys used to make its frame and components. When well designed and manufactured these parts can enjoy a very long life, so the key to maximise the lifespan of the bike once produced. We also carry spares of every single component (even down to nuts and washers) so the bikes never become defunct or obsolete due to non-availability of parts.

Environmental impacts are also a core factor in many of our engineering and commercial decisions. We select companies based on quality, reputation, trading practises – we know who they are and how they operate – we think that is really important in today’s global economy where sometimes values and ethical standards are compromised. We make long-lasting bikes that are responsibly made.