Spring Maintenance

Spring Maintenance

With the weather finally improving, it’s time to start getting the Kid back out on their bikes! After a winter hiding inside it might be time to carry out some basic maintenance or perhaps your little rider has shot up and it’s time to switch to a bigger mode!


Riding a Black Mountain Bike is a fun, and game-changing way to learn to ride, but to ensure that your bike stays in good working condition, it's important to perform regular maintenance. Here are some key maintenance points to look out for when riding your new bike:

Tires: Regularly check your tires for proper inflation and wear. We recommend 25 to 30 psi. The higher pressure range is best suited to riding on the road or surfaced tracks, lower pressures give you more grip in off-road situations.

Belt (PINTO & SKØG): One of the main causes of a noisy chain/belt is misalignment (of the sprockets or wheel) or belt tension. Another issue can simply be a dirty belt. Give it a quick clean with warm soapy water, then rinse it with clean water, allow it to dry and then apply a coating of dry silicone spray. That should get rid of any unwanted noises.

Chain (KAPĒL & HÜTTO): Keep your chain lubricated to ensure smooth gear shifting and to prevent rust and wear. Clean your chain regularly and apply a silicone spray lubricant as needed.

Brakes: Check your brake pads for wear and make sure they are properly aligned with the rims. If the pads are worn, they will need to be replaced. Also, check the brake cables for fraying or rusting. At Black Mountain, our motto is Every part for every model. Forever. So you will always be able to get spares from us here. For help trouble shooting on your brakes check out the videos in the links below.




Gears (KAPĒL & HÜTTO): Make sure the gears are adjusted properly and are shifting smoothly. If gears are not shifting properly, it could be a sign that the cables need to be adjusted or replaced.

Bolts and Fasteners: Tighten any loose bolts and fasteners to ensure the bike is securely assembled and prevent accidents.

Cleaning: Clean your bike regularly to remove dirt and debris, which can cause rust and wear on moving parts.

Following these maintenance points ensures that your new Black Mountain Bike stays in good working condition and continues to provide your young rider with a safe, enjoyable and progressive riding experience. Always make sure you refer to the user manual provided with the bike for specific instructions or check out our how-to videos here.

Did you know we also have a great FAQ section? Why not check it out here.

Switching Modes

Has your little one been growing at a rate of knots over winter? It might be time to size up to your bikes bigger mode. Below is a rough guideline on when you should be thinking about moving your bike into it’s bigger mode.

PINTO: Riders over 102cm should be moving to the larger mode

SKØG: Riders over 109cm should be moving to the larger mode

KAPĒL: Riders over 118cm should be moving to the larger mode

HÜTTO: Riders over 125cm should be moving to the larger mode

For help changing modes follow the link below for how-to videos and online versions of our instruction manuals.

How To Videos