Independent's "Best Buy" balance bike 2020

We're delighted that the Independent named us their "best buy" balance bike for 2020. Here's what they had to say about our PINTO. (the original article can be found here)

Best balance bike for 2020 awarded by The Independent

This unique offering from Black Mountain can be changed from a balance bike to a small pedal bike, with a mechanism where you can extrend the frame to turn it into an even bigger bike as your child grows. It’s quite literally a 3-in-1 cycle which will serve your son/daughter well for years.

It has a very clever design, including a rubber chain which makes attaching the chain around the wheel super easy when you move from balance to pedal bike. Although it is marginally heavier than the average balance bike, it's still manageable for little ones to carry, and has more bells and whistles like front and rear brakes and a solid frame.

Another big plus is the packaging, which is all biodegradable and sustainable. The setup instructions are relatively straightforward, although it is slightly fiddly to go from balance to pedals, so you need a good two hours and a lot of patience when you change the bike to the next step up.

Although this is the most expensive bike on this list, if you separately bought three different bikes, it would actually cost you much more. If you’re looking for a bike with longevity, style and one that will give a new rider confidence, look no further. As further testament to its popularity, this is currently only available for pre-order, but the brand is estimating delivery by late August.

Buy now £349, Black Mountain


For pure genius in its design, safety features and outstanding quality, Black Mountain is hard to beat, making it our best buy. Yes, it’s pricey but it will get your child cycling in record time and give them the confidence to keep on going.