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What is a balance bike?

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A balance bike is a bicycle without pedals or drivetrain and is the best means of learning to ride.


Why balance bike?


As its name suggests, a balance bike teaches the rider to balance. Say some more bits here on balancing .

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How to Balance Bike

The balance bike has to be one of the great (re) inventions of the 21st century. They have transformed how children go about learning to ride a bike. No longer do our kids have to suffer the pain of riding around on stabilisers – balance bikes are the new school, but how do you get your child balance biking like a pro?

Our balance bikes

Frequently asked questions

Our PINTO is designed to fit children as young as 2 years. The minimum saddle height is 43cm, and this can be lowered to around 39cm with the addition of the Balance Bike saddle. So, really it comes down to the riders's height, ability and confidence. We say start them young!

Balance bikes teach children the vital skills of balance and control. Stabalisers teach the rider how to steer and the motion of pedaling, but these are realtively simple to pick up. We wrote a piece about how a child learns to balance here. A Black Mountain balance bike allows the child to learn to balance and then transition to pedals on the same bike, forgoing the need to learn a whole new geometry and bike.

Our engineers spent years analysing the actual mechanics of learning to ride. After speaking to tens (maybe even hundreds!) of parents, we spotted a trend: Lots of children would take up balance biking quickly, and could clearly "balance", but making the transition to pedals took longer than expected. Not only did the child have to learn to pedal, but they had to learn a whole new bike - new bars, new saddle, new brakes, new fit and geometry.

Our PINTO and SKØG bikes start life as balance bikes, and then transition to pedal bikes with the addition of our PowerPack™. The bike that they learn to balance on is the same bike they learn to pedal on, making the learning process seamless.