NOTCH scoops Junior Design Awards recognition

NOTCH balance bike saddle with Junior Design Awards badge

The Junior Design Awards are the UK's most esteemed family lifestyle awards, with a focus on child-centric design.

We've entered one of our products in to the Junior Design Awards since we launched in 2018, and every year we've managed to bag an award!

This year we entered our revolutionary NOTCH balance bike saddle, which we reckon is the world's first balance bike saddle that sits in place of a standard saddle. And, out of hundreds of brands entering, we managed to grab Bronze!

NOTCH's scooped shape and grippy finish helps the rider stay comfortably in place, whilst lowering the required inside-leg measurement by about 5cm! 

It's the best way to get a young rider on one of our PINTO or SKØG models even earlier, and we're delighted that the Junior Design Awards recognised the innovation!

Here's what they had to say:

"Black mountain have always pushed the envelope when it comes to extending the life of their bikes and our judges were excited to see their latest development. Not a new bicycle this time but a specially designed saddle that gives their PINO and SKOG models a lower profile and easier access to shorter legs! The slimline soft and grippy saddle is scoop shaped to help hold the rider in place and simply and easily replaces the original saddle for the early stages of bike riding giving confidence and a sense of security. Our panel felt this was a fantastic innovation that extended the life of these bikes, giving kids more long-term use, saving parents money and helping them lower their carbon footprint. "

"Such a fantastic innovation that allows the smallest and most enthusiastic kids to ride a balance bike as soon as possible." - Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior

"I really like the idea of products being used for different family members and passed down so I think the extra low saddle is a great idea for when a younger sibling is keen to try out the bike without having to get a smaller one."Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids