Why a bike makes the best Christmas present

Bike in lodge with Christmas decorations

If you’re looking to buy your child a bike for Christmas, chances are you enjoy cycling yourself. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule, but cycling as a family is a wonderful adventure and one that will create lasting memories. Choosing the right gift is hard, you want something that will last, something they will use, something that has additional benefits and isn’t simply just stuff. So why a bike? Here are just a few reasons why a bike is the perfect present.

We’ve become a throwaway culture in so many respects, things have little meaning nowadays and during the festive period there are pressures to buy a lot and spend out on things we don’t really need. There are token presents, gift sets, throwaway and novelty items that we wouldn’t otherwise buy but feel compelled to. Of course, not everyone is the same, we aren’t all driven by society and even if we were, the amount you buy isn’t a reflection on one’s character if it’s something you enjoy and want to do. But what about the gifts that last, a gift that essentially keeps on giving?

Imagine Christmas day, the look on their face as they unbox or uncover their new bike. The look of excitement as they sit on the saddle, the jubilation as they shout to go out on the bikes right away! How great would it be to spend time as a family over the Christmas period, getting out for bike rides, helmets on, all wrapped up and sharing the experience together before heading back for hot chocolate? We all know cycling has many benefits, it’s good for you and it’s also very good for your children (read our article on the benefits of cycling here.) Then there’s the spring rides, getting out to the park, along the cycle paths as the sun starts to thaw the world after winter. Before you know it summer will be here, the perfect time for rides, picnics, rides along the family trail and getting away from it all, together.

A bicycle isn’t simply a toy, I’m sure most of us could recall memories of getting our first bike or a new bike as we grew up. A bike for most of us was freedom, and for a lot of us, it still is. Learning to ride and accomplishing it is likely one of the first things you can recall as one of those milestones in life. As we spend a large percentage of our time indoors in today’s world, getting out on a bike is a great way to get outdoors. It also means that children can go further than they likely would if you were out on a walk. It’s transport, it’s independence and something they can enjoy with you but also independently. You’ll see them grow as a person, develop new skills and confidence and help them stay fit and healthy. By giving the gift of a bicycle for Christmas you are giving them so much more than just a bike.

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