A Month on… Some things to check.

Riding a Black Mountain Bike is a fun, and game-changing way to learn to ride, but to ensure that your bike stays in good working condition, it's important to perform regular maintenance. Here are some key maintenance points to check out after your first month of use:

Tires: Regularly check your tires for proper inflation and wear. We recommend 25 to 30 psi. The higher pressure range is best suited to riding on the road or surfaced tracks, lower pressures give you more grip in off-road situations. 

Chain (KAPĒL & HÜTTO): Keep your chain lubricated to ensure smooth gear shifting and to prevent rust and wear. Clean your chain regularly and apply a silicone spray lubricant as needed.


Brakes: Check your brakes are functioning well, new bikes bed in during initial use occasionally requiring minor adjustments. Cables can stretch slightly causing the lever to pull too close to the bar or spring tensions in the brake arms can become unbalanced causing the pads to rub on one side. If either of these becomes an issue check out our how-to videos page and follow the “Adjust v-brake lever travel” and “Fix rubbing v-brakes” video respectively.


Gears (KAPĒL & HÜTTO): Similar to the brakes your gears may take a little bedding in as cables stretch. If the gears aren’t shifting as well as they were out of the box it’s probably worth adding a little tension to the cable by winding out the barrel adjuster on the rear derailuer.

Bolts and Fasteners: Your bolts should all be nice and tight but it’s important to check regularly to ensure that the bike is securely assembled and to prevent any accidents.Give every bolt you can a quick check to ensure it’s tight.

Cleaning: Clean your bike regularly to remove dirt and debris, which can cause rust and wear on moving parts.

By following these maintenance points, you can ensure that your new Black Mountain Bike stays in good working condition and continues to provide your young rider with a safe, enjoyable and progressive riding experience. Always make sure you refer to the user manual provided with the bike for specific instructions or check out our how-to videos here.

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