Customer Q&A. Clare, Ren and Fin, Suffolk UK

Boys on bikes with their mum

We've loved following twins Ren and Fin's adventures on Instagram over the last year or so, and seeing them progress has been brilliant to watch. So, we caught up with mum and chief camera officer, Clare, to get her thoughts on family cycling.


BM: How did you come across Black Mountain?

Clare: Just by googling. My boys were 2 years old and so fast on their balance bikes that I wanted to find a balance bike with brakes. I knew they wouldn’t be on balance bikes for long and people were suggesting I just went straight to pedals, however I knew they weren’t ready. Then I found Black Mountain and it was a no-brainer!

BM: You’ve got twin boys! What bikes do they ride?

Clare: Both currently ride the Pinto, and they’re up to the large pedal mode.

BM: Would you say you’re a “cycling family”?

Clare: We’re an active family, I’m a horse rider, my husband is into Freestyle kayaking and is very at home on any type of bike, he loves a wheelie!! Are we a cycling family? More so now the boys can ride, a family bike ride is what I dreamed of before we had children.

BM: How do your Black Mountain compare to other bikes you child has used?

Clare: We’ve only had wooden balance bikes previously so I don’t have anything to compare to. But from seeing others kids bikes I’m glad we chose Black Mountain, they’re head turning bikes and the boys love them.

BM: Where do you tend to take your boys and their bikes? Any favourite riding spots?

Clare: We ride everywhere and anywhere, but we love a trip to the forest. High Lodge at Thetford Forest is brilliant, there’s some great trails and a pump track.  Both boys love a pump track.

BM: Any advice for other parents looking at buying a kids bike?    

Clare: Don’t go to big. It’s tempting to get one they’ll grow into so if you’re thinking that then the Black Mountain is a great solution. 

Also, don’t buy cheap, a cheap and invariably very heavy bog standard bike will make learning to ride really hard and is likely to end up in your child giving up very quickly!