Customer Q&A: Thoughts from the forests of Sweden

We got chatting with Gustav after seeing his boys having a great time on their bikes on our Facebook and Instagram.

Gustav works as a design consultant for forestry equipment (something I imagine there's a lot of in Sweden). So, as a customer and a designer, we jumped at the chance to get his thoughts on our bikes.

Two boys on bikes in the woods

BM: You’re based in Sweden… How did you come across us?

Gustav: I was watching the Dirt Shed Show Ep. 162 and 163 on the GMBN youtube channel. Got me instantly hooked by the design concept 3in1, hand brakes and belt drive

BM: Can you tell us a bit about your job?

Gustav: I work as a consultant in mechanical engineering, at the moment designing various parts around the engines in forestry machines. Been earlier working with parts for agricultural equipment, military vehicles and other smaller assignments.

BM: With that in mind, what were your first impressions when opening the box?

Gustav: Wow! An all through thought out product. Build quality of the bikes were perfect, adjust the seat and ready to go. The first bike I unpacked together with my oldest son and minutes later he was doing circles around the yard with the bike in balance mode.

 Child on kids bike riding by lake


BM: You have two boys. What were their impressions?

Gustav: Yes, actually three now 6, 4 and a newborn. Both older boys instantly fell in love with the bikes.

BM: Ah, congrats! For your boys that are riding, did they start in balance mode? If so, how long did it take them to transition to pedals?

Gustav: They started in balance mode and quickly got the hang of using the brakes to stop and control speed. When both older boys were confident with the braking we switch to pedals on the bikes. Both of them basically got a push and were pedalling the bikes, after about 15 minutes they were pedalling stable enough. Took a little more time to be confident in starting from standing still. We have now done our first "group ride".

BM: With your engineering / design hat on, what do you make of the product? 

Gustav: The ingenuity is outstanding, with the possibility to first learn in balance mode, switch to pedals and finally scale the bike up. That's really three bikes in one! That way they can use the bike with correct geometry for a far longer time before switching to a new bike. Also a great thing is the belt drive which means no lubricating a chain that give oil stains on your clothes. With all that combined you get a great bike during the time you use it with great sizing and little maintenance and it will be robust to use for all three kids and still after that hold a great second hand value.

BM: Finally, anything else or any other comments?

Gustav: Yes! When are you launching belt driven bikes for the parents?!