CYCLIST Buyer's Guide: The best children's bikes

Image of the PINTO bike on Cyclist website

The Epok Series Pinto from Black Mountain is one of the longest-lasting bikes on the market. It boasts a wide range of versatile features that allow it to adapt as your child grows: it begins as a pedal-free balance bike for toddlers, and grows into a fully-fledged bicycle suitable up to the ages of four.

There is also a stage in between to cover that tricky transition phase.

This impressive feat of adaptability is achieved through various means: the patented ‘growing triangle’ frame can shift between three modes; the gears and pedals are completely removable; the custom saddle has numerous height options; and the 14-inch wheels couple with 1.5-inch Kenda tyres to provide a smooth ride - whichever mode you have the bike in.

Despite all of those snazzy in-built features, the Pinto isn’t overly heavy: it weighs in at under 6kg, thanks to its super light aluminium frame. It may have a slightly higher price point than some of the options on this list, but the Pinto is basically three different bikes in one.

Price: £329 |