Wideopen Mag Group-test Winner

Ben at Wideopen Mag signed up a budding test rider, Daisy, to put our PINTO through its paces against a couple of other great quality kids bikes. We're delighted to have come out on top!

 You can read the full review here but our favourite excerpts are below.

…the low gearing let her keep on pedalling and build up a good amount of pace, especially on hard surfaces. The tyres then complimented that with decent rolling speed and finally, the riding position really suited her and she would take more risks and ride this bike faster than any of the others.


"We Love:

  • 3 Bikes in 1
  • Light weight
  • Low gearing

Could Do Better:

  • Not much  "


"All of these are rad little bikes that your kid will love. They are all well thought out for little hands and legs and any of them would be a positive stepping stone for a kid who is ripping a balance bike, however we have to award a group test winner…

Daisy summed it up nicely, when she said that the Black Mountain Pinto 14 was her favourite because it is the fastest bike on test. It is just a little bit more useable than the others and inspired the most confidence to get out and shred some puddles. We are also giving it the Value award due to the way it grows with the child meaning you won’t need to buy another bike when your little one has a growth spurt."