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Masters of Measuring

Growing Technology
UP:SCALE patented growing frame


Our patented ‘growing triangle’ frame allows you to dial the bike down to fit now, and then the bike grows with your child.

IN:GEAR Growing gear system


The world’s first ‘growing gear’ system - easy to pedal in small mode then moving up a gear as the bike grows.

MY:SIZE child size components


Short- reach, easy-pull Tektro® brake levers, skinny handle bars & grips, short cranks and mini pedals – all optimised for kids.

GO:LOW extra low saddle position


Our custom saddle and inverted seat clamp, allows the saddle to go extra low for even the smallest rider.


We’ve built our brand around bikes that fit. It didn't make sense to us that a child should have to "grow into" a bike and compromise the early learning stages when confidence is key.
Similarly, it didn't seem right that they'd quickly outgrow a bike that does fit them.
So, we reinvented the kids's bike - and we take a new approach to sizing a bike to a child, and measuring a child for a bike.

Solution 1


Our bikes are designed around choosing the biggest wheel size we can for the rider, and then “dialling down” the frame to fit them, whilst scaling the geometry proportionally.

The result is a bike that fits now, with the benefits of decreased rolling resistance and increased bump-absorption and balance that comes with bigger wheels - and of course, a bike that has plenty of room for growth.

Solution 2


Progressive, forward geometry puts the rider in to a confidence-inspiring position. Applying weight to the front wheel through the arms and handlebars allows for responsive handling without compromising stability.

Instead of being a passenger, the rider learns to control the bike. Traditional kids' bikes sit the rider upright, at the back on the bike. Black Mountain puts the rider's centre of gravity forward closer to the steering point, for intuitive balancing and stable steering.

Solution 3


We developed our Forward Geometry on the understanding that a bike is an extension of the body – it’s not enough to only ensure that the rider can touch the floor. The rider’s reach and proportions are equally important.

So, we use height as the main measure for ensuring a proper fit. Our extensive research on kids' sizing allows us to link height to leg length, torso length and reach - and it's a measurement that can be accurately taken at home, even with a wriggling child!

Solution 3


A bike should fit when it’s new for confidence and control. But it should still fit in the future when the rider is looking to progress.

Our ĒPOK growing technology ensures that the bike stays well fitted for longer than any other kids' bike. Our smaller models even transition from balance bikes to pedal bikes.

You don’t have to “grow into” a Black Mountain and you won’t outgrow it any time soon, either.

Our bikes fit. Our bikes last.
To find the model that’s right for you, use our sizing tool tool or speak to one of our team – we’re more than happy to help and we're really experienced in sizing and fitting.
We'll guide you through every step.