We've got your reservation - thanks!

This means that you're guaranteed a bike from our next batch. Their current ETA is July.

What happens next?

Please accept this page as your reservation confirmation (you won't receive an auto-confirmation email). We'll be in touch with you sometime in the next couple of weeks, so please keep an eye on your emails (and check your spam too, just in case!). The email will contain a link for you to make the payment on your order, and to confirm the delivery address.

What about delivery?

If you've chosen VIP delivery, this will be arriving to our warehouse 3 weeks earlier than the rest of the stock.

Delivery for orders on the main drop will be avialble with our normal shippng options, including free delivery.

From each drop, bikes will be built and dispatched on a first-come basis, but we're going to have all hands on deck to get your Black Mountain to you and your young'un as quickly as possible!-

Anything else I should know?

Only that we're as desperate to get your bike to you as you are! :D