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Balance Bike Kit for KAPĒL and HÜTTO

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Some children come to cycling a little later in life and can find gears and pedals confusing at the start. The Balance Bike Kit for KAPĒL and HÜTTO allows the rider to get used to balancing before making the transition to pedals.

The Balance Bike seat tube replaces the standard seat tube, removing the cranks and pedals, and the inverted seat clamp, coupled with our GO:LOW saddle technology, allows the saddle to be slammed for extra stand-over confidence.

Our bespoke "cable tidy" keeps the loose gear cables tucked away and out of harms way, ready for a quick install when the time comes to adding the pedals, chain and gear.

The Balance Bike Kit is full compatible with KAPĒLHÜTTOHÜTTO DISC and HÜTTO TRAIL.

We can fit the Balance Bike Kit if purchased with KAPĒL or HÜTTO. Please just drop us a message or add to the order notes on checkout.